Mariana Blatnik

Mariana Blatnik, a.k.a Mari Ink Arts, is a contemporary artist from Brazil who currently resides in Miami, Florida.

She studied Marketing and Advertising in São Paulo Brazil and got a master degree in Business Administration.

She came into contact with the alcohol ink technique in 2019 and that marked a before and after in her artistic practice.

Her main motivation comes from her native country Brazil, a country full of light and colors. The wavy ocean, sunset sky with clouds, flowers, trees, precious stones and mineral rocks are also present in her work. These are main sources of her inspiration.

Mariana journey with NFTs started in May 2021 when she realized that she could finally add motion digitally to her paper art and now she is working on including sounds and music too.

Her NFT arts can be found in various market places like Known Origin, OpenSea and mainly Foundation.

She is fascinated with the endless new possibilities that NFT brings to her art expression and vision.