2021 Schedule

10:20amNFT 101

While many may know what NFT stands for as an acronym, what are NFTs at their core? As an introduction, this session will dive into definitions of key concepts including fungibility, minting, scarcity, smart contracts, ownership and commuity building. After diving into the mechanics of NFTs, the panel will explore the more tactical components including currency options, wallets, masks and marketplaces.

Speakers: Ros Gold-Onwude, Swan Sit, Will Weinraub

10:45amHow NFTs are Disrupting the Art Industry

The art industry has been the first to truly see the innovative and disruptive potential within the NFT market. Hear how artists have taken to the new medium and how they are exploring the frontier to find new horizons where art collides with real estate, music, and photorealism.

Moderator: Kelly Blanco

Speakers: Duncan & Griffin Cock Foster, Krista Kim, Lisa Mayer, Ron English

11:10amTransitioning from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0

As we move into Web 3.0, blockchain innovations will become central to the tech stack of all businesses. Learn what infrastructure elements are in place, what is emerging, and what gaps exist in the market for entrepreneurial founders. Hear top VC and top creator insights on the potential worldwide impacts to our economy and thoughts for industry leaders to prepare for as Web 3.0 changes approach.

Moderator: Christine Lee

Speakers: Alex Mashinsky, Crystal Rose Pierce, Jake Brukhman, Jalak Jobanputra, Nabyl Charania

11:40amConsumer Brands in the NFT Space

Hear from corporate innovators and the strategic partners behind the scenes who are trailblazing ahead in developing strategies for consumer brands using NFTs. These thought leaders will explore concepts of collectibles, tokens for loyalty programs, digitizing intellectual property and merchandise drops. Corporations are scrambling to get ahead of the curve and ensure they aren’t left behind in the next wave of innovation, learn from these groundbreaking leaders.

Moderator: Matt Medved

Speakers: Avery Akkineni, Avi Dabir, Jeff Marsilio, Neda Whitney, Sunil Singhvi

12:10pmCulture Converges with Blockchain and Fashion

Many have thought that the most coveted designer items are collectibles or investment pieces. Take the iconic Hermès Birkin bag, for example. So how does this relate to NFTs? People say popular NFTs, like CryptoPunks, are just JPEGs, but you are not just buying a JPEG or a bag. You're purchasing a status symbol positioned in a complex series of overlapping social and cultural networks that give it rich historical value. Learn how leaders in the luxury brand market are approaching their NFT strategies.

Moderator: Casey Craig

Speakers: Elena Silenok, Megan Kaspar, Pierina Merino, Wayne Scot Lukas

12:40pmCollectibles & Authentication

How did World War II’s most famous ship and $25M diamonds get on the blockchain? Unpack the world of authenticating rare and high-value items subject to counterfeit with Peabody-award-winning journalist George Lang (Patty Hearst trials, scuba diving the WWII USS Arizona sunk by the Japanese) and Addison Taylor diamond artisans Scott and Marla Berger (Trinity collection, Dolphin diamond), with award-winning publisher, Jordan French (Grit Daily, BlockTelegraph) moderating.

Moderator: Jordan French

Speakers: George Lang, Scott & Marla Berger

1:00pmMusic Jumps into NFTs, Sees a Digital Bonanza

Whitney Houston, Doja Cat, John Legend, and even TLC are marking their territory in the Metaverse through NFTs. Hear firsthand from the key stakeholders lionizing music, including Avenged Sevenfold frontman Matt Sanders, Lin Dai (OneOf, backed by Quincy Jones), Jonathan Choi (Metaplex, Solana ecosystem), and Billboard-charted artist, Pia Mia, with CoinDesk news reporter Eli Tan moderating.

Moderator: Eli Tan

Speakers: Jonathan Choi, Lin Dai, Matt Sanders, Pia Mia

1:35pmThe Path to the Metaverse Is Through Video Games

How is crypto changing the way we play and the way we earn money? Learn how industry trailblazers like Axie Infinity have brought millions of users into the crypto economy through unique within-game incentives. In addition, learn about how AEXLAB is integrating NFTs into VR gaming with create-to-earn models. Get ready to hire a Chief Metaverse Officer after this session.

Moderator: Rebekah Keida

Speakers: Albert Ovadia, Donnell Wright, Elizabeth Ann Clark, Jiho, Jonathan Ovadia, Loomdart

2:30pmNFTs Promise New Rules for the "Creator Economy"

The creative class has unleashed a new frontier for the commoditization of digital assets. Learn from artists, musicians, and game developers how this market has allowed them to monetize and engage with their fans in a new domain. What are the impacts and implications for other creators to consider as they enter into NFTs?

Moderator: Dami Osunsanya

Speakers: Brycent, Eric Diep, Esther Crawford, pplpleasr, Shekinah Apedo

3:10pmHere's How to Spot a Top NFT Project in the Making

Take a deep dive into some of the most revolutionary NFT projects released to date. Learn how collectors identify with their PFPs, how generative art mixes art and technology, how artists use music to enhance their audience connection with their pieces, and even how artists take their work from 3D to 4D holographic images.

Moderator: Imge Su Cetin, Daniela Henao Moreno, Elena Garidis

Speakers: Bradley Hart, Lina Condes, Miguel Paredes, Misha Libman, RAGZY X, Rebecca Rose, Selo

3:40pmBecoming a Legendary Collector: What On-Chain Activity Tells us about NFT Projects

As NFTs blew up the scene in 2021, some projects and investors faired better than others. We'll use on-chain analytics through Nansen to learn more about what made projects and investors successful. We'll find transactions, trends and celebrate purchases to compare. See how influence, community, and decentralization all play a part in what makes a project legendary. A panel meant for all levels of experience; we'll also sit down with YesJulz, who is new to the space, to show the power of arming yourself with data in this landscape.

Speakers: Alexandre Caillol, John Calabrese, Julz Goddard

4:10pmBrick by Brick: NFTs Woo Communities to Build the Societies They Want

Join philanthropist Bill Tai (Kite VC, BitFury, Treasure Data and early backer in Canva and Zoom) along with Vriti Saraf (k20 Educators), Erick Calderon (Art Blocks) and Andy Krainak (Gary Vaynerchuk's brand director and prez at VeeFriends, now the largest NFT franchise) to unpack how communities build rapidly on the back of NFTs and how they focus energy in unison towards impacting society. A panel moderated by NFT NYC star moderator, Sofia Garcia.

Moderator: Sofia Garcia

Speakers: Andy Krainak, Bill Tai, Erick Calderon, Vriti Saraf

4:40pmInto the Open Metaverse: Building A World Of Infinite Possibilities

As the metaverse unleashes a tidal wave of innovation, its momentum will build lucrative new markets and immersive, exciting experiences that dramatically reshape consumer expectations. Join The Sandbox's Arthur Madrid, Chief Metaverse Officer Cathy Hackl, Polygon’s Charles Adkins, Highstreet’s Jenny Guo, and Star Atlas’ Pablo Quiroga for a lively discussion moderated by Michael Casey.

Moderator: Michael Casey

Speakers: Arthur Madrid, Cathy Hackl, Charles Adkins, Jenny Guo, Pablo Quiroga