Imge Su Cetin, Daniela Henao Moreno, Elena Garidis Photo

Imge Su Cetin, Daniela Henao Moreno, Elena Garidis

Co-Founders, Defy Trends

Imge Su Cetin

Imge Su Cetin, CEO of Defy Trends, – an AI and data driven crypto intelligence platform that helps investors and traders make confident crypto investment decisions through actionable insights and quality information- breaks the mold of the enigmatic night-owl coder with her strong leadership, people skills, and outgoing personality.

After sitting on her laptop, programming, and scraping together data from all thousands of sources, she likes to unwind by being a social butterfly, bringing like-minded people together, and even DJs for fun.

She was born in Turkey and grew up in the States. She got her Master’s degree at UCSD for Data Science. One of her biggest accomplishments was getting a prestigious position in the UN – international organization for migration for forecasting and creating predictive modeling for migration using big data (web and social media analytics). She was selected among 2,000 applicants for a full-time data scientist position in the UN. During all these accomplishments, she was always intensely passionate about blockchain, trading, and creating apps for herself to aid in her investment strategy. These self-help trading apps that scrapped and analyzed crypto trends ended up being the foundation of Defy Trends which is now a platform for investors and traders to make confident crypto investments utilizing quality information and actionable insights.

As a young entrepreneur empowering women, she has already launched her first company and is in the process of building a strong team to support her goals.

Daniela Henao Moreno

Daniela Henao Moreno is COO and co-founder of Defy Trends. She brings her diverse background in international development, global markets, education and organizational leadership to the team. Daniela received degrees from UCLA in international development and global studies; she was then selected amongst twenty-five thousand country-wide applicants for a position at Teach for America where she had the opportunity to be a founding leader for two underserved institutions in New York City. Daniela’s interest in crypto began when she studied global markets in Shanghai, China. While learning about global financial institutions and governments, she realized that the current systems are obsolete. For her being born and raised in Colombia demonstrated the importance of creating functional systems that are not centralized and rely on a government. Ever since, she has actively looked for ways to empower individuals to take control over their own financial freedom.

Daniela is passionate about holistic well-being, veganism and social activism. In her free time she enjoys learning about different cultures, educating herself on how to be a better leader, and volunteering at animal shelters.

Elena Garidis

Elena Garidis, CFO and co-founder of Defy Trends, brings her business acumen, previous startup experience, and crypto enthusiasm to this strong, all-female leadership team. She is driven by Defy Trends’ mission to empower women and newcomers (both individuals and asset managers) to confidently trade cryptocurrencies and NFTs and is deeply involved in Defy Trends’ strategic development. Her previous experience working at the JP Morgan International Private Bank in New York, and managing projects from product development to sustainability initiatives at a New York based startup prepared her well to lead Defy Trends’ business side.

Having grown up in Greece and Germany, philosophy runs through her veins. Her passion for the crypto space lies in its promise for structural changes in our society and the redefining of the intersection between our physical and digital lives.