Lina Condes Photo

Lina Condes

Contemporary American Artist, iSculpture

Lina Condes is a contemporary american artist (european heritage) known for her physical stick figure sculptures, earned her MFA in Fine Arts, Interior and Furniture Design from Kiev University of Technology and Design.

With a love of art and an eye for design, Condes fuses her talents to create pieces of art through both ART+Technology. Condes focuses on the creation of large scale, contemporary and interactive ARTificial intelligence “iSculptures”.

Lina Condes is the creator of the iSculpture, a series of works conceived and developed using current technological and multimedia studies. From iSculpture, her research has developed, giving shape to compositions where technology and architecture are not just the medium; the installations, drawings, animated images and projections interact and short-circuit to create an expressive process of interaction with the public.

This interactive inspiration is to be expanded with a fan curated AI Mix: allowing for an immersive experience whereby the audience can mint unique NFT’s. This innovative process will see manifestations of NFT-AI convergence in the form of generative art. With an exciting utility roadmap seeing integration into the Metaverse world Lina’s up and coming collection is sure to capture the imagination.