Lisa Mayer Photo

Lisa Mayer

Co-Founder, Boss Beauties

Lisa Mayer is the CEO of My Social Canvas and Co-Founder of Boss Beauties. For ten years, My Social Canvas has been providing mentorship and scholarships to the next generation of women. They have worked with mentors from Apple, Verizon, Google, and many inspiring women leaders ranging from Olympians, to fashion designers, to CEOs.

Boss Beauties is on a mission to remind women that they can be everything they want to be. In just a few months since their NFT launch, Boss Beauties has been featured on the Nasdaq Tower for International Day of the Girl. They are the first NFT to be displayed at the New York Stock Exchange. Boss Beauties is also teaming up with Marvel to empower women in and out of the Marvel Universe. Boss Beauties and Marvel will be working together to remind women that they are the everyday superheroes that are changing our world!