Rebekah Keida Photo

Rebekah Keida

Founder, Vysical

Rebekah Keida is the founder of Vysical, a metaverse marketing agency that bridges the gap between the virtual and physical worlds. Rebekah spent her formative years in Miami before living in Chicago, NYC, LA, and San Francisco. She specializes in working with tech-forward companies and ideating the implementation of futuristic tech applications like AR/VR/XR/gaming with IRL experiences. From 2015 to 2018, Rebekah helped grow a Chicago based tech conference to nine cities across North America and built an executive advisory board including early Ethereum founders and others in the blockchain world. In 2018, she worked with Adrian Baschuk (CNBC) and Ran Neu Ner (OnChain Capital) on CNBC’s CryptoTrader traveling across the US to help produce the show. Her deep exposure to crypto and dApps led her to NFTs. A former anime RPG player, Rebekah inherently valued virtual goods such as avatars, skins, and in-game items. That coupled with her belief in the ultimate creation of a parallel metaverse propelled her interest. In early 2018, she worked on an experimental project with Richemont Group to sell a 1/1 NFT with each custom watch sold. She developed a prototype AR filter that bridged the gap between the virtual NFT and the physical world. Rebekah currently consults with Ethernity Chain, a premium NFT marketplace, and several brands and personalities, to determine bespoke blockchain solutions. To date, Rebekah has worked on over 30 NFT drops that include custom metaverse builds, unlockables, physical displays, AR, game integrations, token-gated content, and more.